We have a perfect machine for you if you hate carrying heavy-duty machines to small project sites. This is one of the best machines Titan has introduced so far. It is also the first generation of Titan’s super cooperative sprayer machine series. This machine is highly suited for domestic, small  commercial and industrial projects. With a slow-stroking hydraulic piston which helps in maximization of the fluid section’s life, this machine acts as a savior. This factor ensures evenness, super powerful attitude and dependability to the machine. It is also convertible, works in both modes: electric and gas. It also provides the easiest conversion steps.

Specifications of PowerTwinTM 4900 :

Gasoline engine & power: The PowerTwinTM 4900 carries a Honda 163cc with 4.8 Hp.

Fuel Capacity: The fuel capacity of PowerTwinTM 4900 is 0.95 US gal (3.6 l)

Maximum operating pressure: The maximum operating pressure of PowerTwinTM 4900 is 22.8 MPa i.e. (228 bar, 3300 PSI)

Maximum sound pressure level: The maximum sound pressure level recorded at 1 m distance from the unit and 1.60 m above the reverberant floor with 120 bar (12 MPa) operating pressure is 92 dB (A)

Maximum size of the tip with a spray gun: The maximum size for PowerTwinTM 4900 with 1-gun is 0.037” – 0.94 mm, with 2-guns, is 0.028” – 0.71 and with 3-guns, is 0.022” – 0.56.

Maximum volume flow: The maximum volume flow PowerTwinTM 4900 offers is 1.5 gal i.e. (5.7 l)/min

Weight: The approximate weight of the machine is 132 lbs. i.e. (60 kg)

Maximum viscosity: The maximum viscosity it can have is 50.000 mPa s

Dimensions (L x W x H): The dimension of the PowerTwinTM 4900 are 37.2” x 26.8” x 35” (946 x 680 x 890 mm)

Maximum temperature: The maximum temperature of the coating material is 109ºF (43° C).

Filter insert (standard equipment): The standard filter insert is 50 mesh, 18 in2

Hydraulic oil filling quantity: The hydraulic oil filling quantity it needs, is 5.9 l (1.56 gal).

Maximum tire pressure: The maximum tire pressure it offers is 0.2 MPa (2 bar, 30 PSI).

Special high-pressure hose: The special high-pressure hose is DN 6 mm, 15 m (50’ x 1/4”) with a connection thread NPSM ¼.

Accessories and Spare Parts List:

The PowerTwinTM 4900 comes with RX-Proll Gun, 517 TR1 reversible tip and ¼’’ X 15 m Airless Hose.

Other parts contain:

  1. The motor / pump assembly
  2. Cover
  3. Screw
  4. Swivel fitting assembly
  5. Hydraulic system
  6.  Bracket screw
  7.  Bracket
  8. Belt guard assembly
  9. Lock washer
  10. Hydraulic cover
  11.  Lock washer
  12. Filter assembly
  13. Adapter
  14. ConvertoKit, DC electric, 120V
  15.  Belt, “V”, Convert kit, DC electric
  16.  Convertokit, 4.8 Hp, Honda, gasoline
  17.  Convert kit, DC electric, 230V
  18.  Belt, “V”, gas Convertokit

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